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Mining operation daily mining income (daily income = total basic account * 6%) new user registration, deposit 5trx activated account
Company introduction (TRON.KIM)
TRON.KIM currently has more than 10 self-built mines and cooperative mines worldwide. TRXKIM, the world’s leading one-stop block chain computing power ecology, integrates more than 19 countries and regions in the world and has more than 1 million mining machines. In December 2020, bitcoin miners earned nearly US $1 billion.
TRON.KIM and other professional cloud mining have won more and more customer trust.
TRON.KIM Mining Legal White Paper:
(Team Registration Award: Level 1 30TRX, Level 2 20TRX, Level 3 10TRX)
(Team Top-up Commission: Level 1 10% TRX, Level 2 5% TRX, Level 3 2% TRX)
Permanent withdrawal limit (deposit 5-29999trx daily withdrawal 2.5% deposit 300000-199999trx daily withdrawal 3% deposit 200000-499999trx daily withdrawal 4% deposit 500000-999999trx daily withdrawal 5% deposit 1000000 or more TRX daily withdrawal 8% deposit The more deposit, the higher the return, the faster the return, the higher the daily withdrawal limit,



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